How Anxiety Has Helped Me Improve

Can anxiety, or any other illness, really be a blessing in disguise? It can’t happen overnight, but choosing to see your own mental illness as something positive for you is really some great perspective to have. It’s a great mindset to be in when you are trying to conquer your mental illness enough that youContinue reading “How Anxiety Has Helped Me Improve”

I’m Scared Everyone Hates Me

My anxiety is dominated by a lot of fear. I have a lot of fears, both rational and irrational. One fear I’ve had for a long time, even before I knew I had anxiety, is that everyone hates me. I recently discussed this with some of my co-workers, as I have really awesome people IContinue reading “I’m Scared Everyone Hates Me”

The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Sometimes when I talk to people about how my anxiety makes me think, they don’t quite get it. Thoughts are something that most people can control, and therefore, it’s hard for people to understand intrusive and self-destructive thought patterns that don’t just go away. I sometimes wonder if I’m alone in this, but when IContinue reading “The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety”

Some New Year’s Resolutions For A Healthy 2018

Hello strangers! So how silly is it to need a hiatus after starting a blog only a month ago? There has been quite a lot happening in my life that has made it difficult for me to focus on everything at once. Sometimes you just need to eliminate certain tasks until you’re in a betterContinue reading “Some New Year’s Resolutions For A Healthy 2018”

What Does “High Functioning” Mean?

You can’t judge a book by its cover. That tired cliche is tired for a reason; it’s true. Just like most things, mental illness is a spectrum. It affects anyone living with it in a different way. Some people are considered “high functioning,” which is a blessing and a curse. I would be considered aContinue reading “What Does “High Functioning” Mean?”