PSA: Please be aware of your pets. I’ve seen two cats in my neighbourhood roaming around and it’s cold! Thankfully they look healthy and one had a collar but like SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! I can’t afford to take them in but it’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to. Anyways, the last coupleContinue reading “Motivation…”

My Day Today

I woke up this morning not late, but late for me, and knowing that I really wanted to kill it today. We had a wedding on Saturday, and all Sunday we were just tired and lazy. I felt like I was getting a cold but thankfully, it seems to be going away. I’m getting myContinue reading “My Day Today”

I Refuse To Hate My Body

*Trigger Warning: Talk of eating habits and weight loss/gain that may be sensitive to people living with an eating disorder* I can’t remember a time where the thought of food and weight wasn’t prevalent. My weight had fluctuated throughout my many years, and more often than not I’ve been “overweight.” I put that in quotationContinue reading “I Refuse To Hate My Body”

How Anxiety Has Helped Me Improve

Can anxiety, or any other illness, really be a blessing in disguise? It can’t happen overnight, but choosing to see your own mental illness as something positive for you is really some great perspective to have. It’s a great mindset to be in when you are trying to conquer your mental illness enough that youContinue reading “How Anxiety Has Helped Me Improve”

I’m Scared Everyone Hates Me

My anxiety is dominated by a lot of fear. I have a lot of fears, both rational and irrational. One fear I’ve had for a long time, even before I knew I had anxiety, is that everyone hates me. I recently discussed this with some of my co-workers, as I have really awesome people IContinue reading “I’m Scared Everyone Hates Me”