Chronic Illness And Fear

I’m writing this in the midst of a terrible fibromyalgia flare-up, so forgive me if it’s not the most coherent. As I was laying on my couch this morning, struggling to find a comfortable position that didn’t exacerbate the pain, I was thinking about how scary it can be to live with a chronic illness.Continue reading “Chronic Illness And Fear”

A Much-Needed Life Update

Oh boy, where do I even start? This last year has been A YEAR, let me tell you. Not only because of the panini. You know what I mean by that. I have been on quite the personal journey with my health. It doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down any time soon. I’m trying toContinue reading “A Much-Needed Life Update”

Black Lives Matter: Learning

This was a post that was meant to be completed a while ago, and was also going to be different than what it is now. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with some unexpected family matters and health matters, and while I’ve used other things to continue the conversation, it did delay the conversation through this medium.Continue reading “Black Lives Matter: Learning”

Black Lives Matter: Taking Action

It’s been heartening to see people sharing posts on their social media profiles and platforms with their thoughts, helpful links, educational resources, photos, videos, and so much more to support the Black Lives Matter movement. The silence, on the other hand, has been loud too. Maybe you’re just not quite sure what your contribution shouldContinue reading “Black Lives Matter: Taking Action”

Black Lives Matter

I have harboured a lot of anxiety and stress witnessing what’s been happening in this world lately, and the events of the last couple of weeks have only amplified that. I struggle with finding the words to express just how I feel and struggle so endlessly with all of the things that need to beContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

The Blurred Lines Between Strength And Weakness

This has been a rough week for me for many reasons. Yesterday, I found myself fighting the urge to cry all morning. I started work as I normally do, and then it just hit me. I couldn’t fight it or control it. I just burst out in tears and cried and cried and cried. ItContinue reading “The Blurred Lines Between Strength And Weakness”

What’s Been Going On…

2020, QUIT PLAYING! What a rollercoaster this year has been for everyone. Can you believe we’re almost 6 months in? I bet that everything feels like a blur to you too, where we’re kind of just existing right now. I hope you’re all safe, practicing proper social distancing and hygiene, and taking care of yourContinue reading “What’s Been Going On…”

I Don’t Only Struggle With My Mental Health

*Trigger Warning: discussions of pregnancy, difficulty with pregnancy, infertility, gynocology, and similar topics.* So if this isn’t the first post of mine you’re reading, you know that I’m an open book when it comes to my mental health. Well, I’m pretty much an open book about everything. I’ve also wanted to talk about my journeyContinue reading “I Don’t Only Struggle With My Mental Health”

Do We NEED To Cry?

I used to be that girl who cried for EVERYTHING. It was one of the things that people knew me for. I don’t think I really knew how to regulate my emotions back then and crying was the only way to release those things. Now, I get surprised something at how things that used toContinue reading “Do We NEED To Cry?”