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What a rollercoaster this year has been for everyone. Can you believe we’re almost 6 months in? I bet that everything feels like a blur to you too, where we’re kind of just existing right now. I hope you’re all safe, practicing proper social distancing and hygiene, and taking care of your health in every way the best you can. It’s an unprecedented time, and there’s really no right way or wrong way to cope so long as you’re not harming anyone.

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I’ve been quite preoccupied with having to adjust my whole life due to COVID, which I’m sure you’ve had to do as well. It definitely took me a long time to come to terms with my new normal. I’ve still been working through it all, but thankfully, at home for the majority of the time. I’m hoping that continues. I’ve also been having my moments of struggle with my mental health, but I’ve started therapy again (YAY!) so I’m really optimistic.

I haven’t been very productive in terms of using my extra time wisely. I haven’t stressed myself out trying to force myself to be productive unless I’m in the right mindset. I’m hoping that I can start chipping away at things, and will be sure to try (try being operative because let’s face it, consistency has not been my thing with this blog) and share what I learn along the way.

I’ve also been having a lot of health issues that have affected me physically, making it really difficult to stay productive. I’ve been resting a lot and doing my best to take care, since it’s tough to access adequate health care right now. While my issues have affected my day to day life greatly, I don’t want to be a burden on the health care system for something that’s not an emergency.

I think I’m finally getting to a point of content with my new normal. That’s really opened me up to the idea of allowing myself to be more than I’ve been the last few months. I’ve been in survival mode for a while. I don’t want to waste this time feeling sorry for myself and not doing things that will make my heart and my mind happy too.

How have you been living through COVID? Have you found any productivity tips that have worked for you?

Your friend,


Published by Alicia Gallant

I'm a 20-something girl living with severe anxiety and panic on a journey to love myself. I'm becoming a part of the conversation about mental health through honesty and humour. *Photo: Stefanie Moreau Photography

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