PSA: Please be aware of your pets. I’ve seen two cats in my neighbourhood roaming around and it’s cold! Thankfully they look healthy and one had a collar but like SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! I can’t afford to take them in but it’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to.

giphy (1)
I love cats.

Anyways, the last couple of days I feel like I’ve been getting close to burn out. I’m feeling very tired both mentally and physically. However, I’ve still been scheduling my time and doing little things here and there. I’ve tried to limit my tasks to things that won’t exert too much physical energy because I just don’t have it in me. I’ve done a lot of work. I’ve cleaned my makeup brushes, I got some groceries, etc. etc.

The weekend is coming and we don’t have anything planned, and I’m really happy about that. It’s going to give us time to relax, do some little chores, and hopefully it’ll help me rest enough to get back on the productive train.

giphy (3)
This will be me this weekend, I HOPE

I know that next week it’s going to be about job searching, deep cleaning, and making a plan to manage my finances. We really have to buckle down now that our income has been slashed and our expenses haven’t. One of the bad habits I have is shopping. I shop very smart, I keep my eyes on sales, and I thrift a lot. But when you work from home, you find yourself having to get out of your space to disconnect. I have a habit of walking around the mall or going to shops, when I really should JUST be walking. A coffee here and there won’t hurt, but it all adds up.

I’ve “developed” a new plan for myself for at least next week, and will hopefully go into the following week as well. It’ll be especially important because we have a lot of bills to pay in the middle of the month and that needs to be our priority. I wanted to do a spending freeze minus groceries, but I know, at least for next week, it’s not going to work. So I’m doing the Five and Freeze method! I don’t know if it’s an original idea but it’s one I thought of today and am going to try it.

giphy (4)
Not anymore!

This means that I am only allowed to buy five things next week. This won’t necessarily be five items but it’s just five things:

  1. Foundation (I’m running really low!)
  2. Face moisturizer (I just ran out and moisturizer is a must)
  3. Cat Food (they are running low on everything right about now)
  4. Filler groceries (I will try to limit myself to $20 and do some sale hunting)
  5. TBD

I didn’t leave out the fifth intentionally, but it’ll be good to have that space to be able to get something if an emergency comes up. Other than this, I am not going to let myself buy anything. With the menial spending I do week to week, it’ll save a lot of money that we can either put away or catch up on our obligations.

After these two weeks, I think it’ll help us catch up quite a bit and I can have a little wiggle room. However, I am trying to convince my hubby to go to an envelope system. We take out cash to go towards our typical expenses and we don’t necessarily allow ourselves to spend it all. I’ve been able to cut down our grocery bills quite a bit, but we can still put the money we budget into the envelopes and watch it roll over! That way, if we’re short on cash, we should have some cushion for those needed things. So far, I have a grocery envelope, a cat envelope, a “fun” envelope, and a Christmas envelope. I can’t think of anything else at this point – so please let me know if you have suggestions!

I know we still have some of this year left, so for the rest of this and for my 2020, it’s going to be a GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER year. I have high hopes that I will excel in my career, start (or finish) my super big goals, and get our finances in order. Staying motivated is really hard, but we have way more to gain than we have to lose.

giphy (5)

Next week, I’ll be sure to update you on how my Five and Freeze goes, and I also want to share with you the things I use to stay organized, and of course continue to diary everything. I’m thinking that my blog is going to look like two-three posts about my days and all the things anxiety related, and maybe one will be something special that’s not a diary.

Having this platform has been so cathartic for me, so if you read this, thank you. I don’t necessarily expect that people would want to read this, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of my motivation to do this.

Your friend,


Also if you have budgeting tips please drop them in the comments!

*all images via GIPHY*

Published by Alicia Gallant

I'm a 20-something girl living with severe anxiety and panic on a journey to love myself. I'm becoming a part of the conversation about mental health through honesty and humour. *Photo: Stefanie Moreau Photography

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