This Week Has Been Weird

Having a good immune system is great, but when you are teetering on getting sick for a few days you’re just like CAN YOU JUST GET FULL ON SICK SO I CAN GET OVER IT!?

The last couple of days have been pretty busy. I had a job “interview” that was kind of weird, bought a top from a thrift store that I really didn’t need but couldn’t resist, and did a little bit more cleaning. I also worked quite a bit from home, and made myself a list of all the work things I wanted to accomplish because sometimes I get too distracted.

I also drank a LOT of coffee this day in order to stay awake. With holding myself accountable to do more physical things and working out, I’m finding I need a lot more coffee or I crash.

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME | via Giphy

Yesterday I had a work meeting that was SUPER inspiring. It’s made me fall in love with working online even more. There’s just so many cool things and so many TOOLS and things to make things so much easier and it’s just awesome. Yesterday I was feeling worse sick-wise than I had previously in the week, so laundry wasn’t done and I didn’t do anything else chore-wise I wanted to, really. I’ve been giving myself time to read a lot though, and it’s been awesome. I’m reading Marcia Clark’s book about the OJ trial and … wow. I also got my first ever flu shot and OW. I’ll never understand why I get so nervous about little tiny needles but never about tattoos. I mean, tattoos HURT in my opinion, but my nerves aren’t out of whack when I get one.

Today, it’s work work work work work work work and I’m finally catching up on laundry. I’m also going to take a little time to do the small things that make me happy, like have a nice warm bath, do my nails and my eyebrows, and possibly finish my book. I’m also going to go through the fridge and pantry and start my meal planning and shopping list.

I’ve learned the technique of shopping your pantry/fridge and only picking up a few ingredients that help create meals, and OMG it saves us so much money! I would usually try and meal plan and then we just would shop and shop thinking we needed all this food, and of course, we were wasting a lot. Most trips would be at least $100-$120 and then us grabbing fast food or Starbucks because we didn’t want to go home and cook. Since I have so much free time, I’ve been taking the bus to a nearby grocery store after shopping my pantry and using the Flipp app to price match or go where the stuff I NEED is on sale. The last — hmm, maybe three or four grocery shops — I’ve been spending between $50 and $70! I have the time to buy fresh when we need it for a meal in between shops, so less of our food is being wasted. I’ve also looked to finding freezer-friendly recipes with some of our random food that needs to be used up, which helps with waste. I’m loving it! Grocery shopping is one of my most favorite things to do, so finding ways to make it more economical for us is amazing. We need to stock up on everything for the cats pretty much so I have a feeling it’s going to be an expensive time.  And no, I will never, ever, ever, buy my groceries online. 

They’re so expensive but HOW COULD YOU NOT?!

Anyways, the next couple of days will probably be pretty work heavy. I think that next week I’m going to start looking for more jobs, whether online or within the realm of what I was doing before. I also need to restart my workouts while the weather is still okay. I’m thinking of also starting to do a nice deep clean of each room, giving each room a couple of days to really focus on. We also have so many closets in this apartment that need some love.

I’m fighting with burnout right now. I’ve exerted myself so much this week. I feel exhausted. I want a day to just CHILL. This is my anxiety though. I know I do actually need to relax more so I can try and fight this sickness, but I also have a habit of pushing and pushing and pushing to the point where I just cannot anymore.

giphy (2)

I’m going to go nuke my coffee and get back to it though…

Your friend,


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I'm a 20-something girl living with severe anxiety and panic on a journey to love myself. I'm becoming a part of the conversation about mental health through honesty and humour. *Photo: Stefanie Moreau Photography

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