My Personal Relaxation Aides

If I had a nickel for every time I was told I never relax, I’d be able to hire someone to relax for me.

Seriously; I have the worst time relaxing, although I have to say I’ve improved quite a bit in the last year or so.

I used to never be able to nap. I KNOW, WHAT?!?! I just couldn’t turn off long enough to do it. I have a horrible relationship with sleep.

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For someone with anxiety like me, relaxing can take so much effort that it almost seems like you’re doing the opposite. But it’s also so incredibly necessary. You can become overwhelmed and crash if you don’t make the time for yourself to relax.

So if you’re like me and struggle with relaxing, here’s some things I do that have worked for me.

Schedule Relaxation

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I know; it sounds silly. But hear me out.

I work a lot, and I also work from home. So when I have a day off, I’m still working. I set my own schedule for my at-home work, so it’s easy to make my days off all about work. So what I’ll do is I schedule the time I’m going to work, and then schedule out when I’m going to relax.

I typically set an alarm on my phone and take that time to just sink into my couch and watch something. That way, I complete the tasks I need to that day without burning out.

Watch Beauty YouTube

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I am so obsessed with watching makeup tutorials that I cannot do my makeup without having someone on my TV doing it too.

I get completely lost in watching people put on their makeup. It helps me tune everything about around me and in my mind, and I just focus on learning about makeup techniques. I love watching James Charles especially – I love the way he talks and explains things. I also love Nikkie Tutorials, Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Tati, and random people I discover through loops. (YES, I also watch the drama channels so I know all the controversies surrounding them and I don’t want to talk about it.)

Take A Bath

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A bath feels like a luxury to me. I know you like, HAVE to wash your body. I get it. But there’s something about taking the time to soak in a bath that just feels so good to me.

I take my bath scalding hot, and keep my door open because my cats are fascinated by baths and it makes me laugh. Plus, they scream until you open the door when you’re in the bathroom so I just avoid dealing with that. I also get scared in the bathroom with the door closed (I don’t like feeling closed in) so I feel safer with the door open.

Read Something that Fascinates You – For Me, It’s Horror Stories.

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Okay, this is going to sound weird to you, but I will discuss in future posts the relationship between anxiety and all things horror and dark.

When I can’t sleep, I go onto Creepy Catalog and read and read and read. It’s full of fiction horror stories, paranormal happenings, real life crime stories, and so much more. It’s really, really dark stuff, so I don’t recommend it to everyone. I’m just fascinated by the psychology behind crime and darkness and am intrigued by the paranormal. So for me, reading these things challenge my mind in a different way than my anxiety does and in turn, I start to relax and drift off.

So because I know horror isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I recommend reading a book in a genre you love or articles about things you’re interested in to put your mind in a different place.

Do YOU have things you do that help you relax? Share them with me – I always enjoy trying new relaxation techniques and aides.

Your friend,


Published by Alicia Gallant

I'm a 20-something girl living with severe anxiety and panic on a journey to love myself. I'm becoming a part of the conversation about mental health through honesty and humour. *Photo: Stefanie Moreau Photography

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